Tableau Hide Values From a Quick Filter

2018-05-07T19:15:42+00:00April 26th, 2012|Tableau, Tableau Basic|

I’ve had some questions recently about hiding Nulls in a filter in Tableau. This is quite straightforward and the same technique can be used to hide any value from a filter. NOTE – if using this technique it actually removed what you’ve hidden from the filter from the worksheet. All you need to do is [...]

Tableau be careful using an Incremental Refresh

2018-05-29T18:54:26+00:00April 20th, 2012|Tableau, Tableau Server|

Perhaps the title of this post is a little extreme but I have spent some time trying to speed up the refreshing of my Tableau extracts recently and began to use incremental extract refreshes where I thought it was appropriate - for example with order data just adding yesterdays orders each day. On closer inspection [...]

Excel Populate a Combo Box from a Database

2012-04-18T09:47:46+00:00April 18th, 2012|Excel, VBA|

To populate a combo box on a userform in Excel you need to use VBA. Firstly add a combo box to a userform in the VBA window (Alt-F11) of your spreadsheet. The VBA code below shows how to populate a 2 column combo box. Add this code to the Userform Initialize event to populate the [...]