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Tableau Hide Values From a Quick Filter

2020-03-19T14:25:07+00:00April 26th, 2012|Tableau, Tableau Basic|

Do you want to hide Null values or other values from a Tableau filter? The following technique works to hide any values from a filter. NOTE – this technique removes the filter exclusions from the data / worksheet. Also if using the Context filter be aware of the affects that has on any FIXED LOD [...]

Tableau be careful using an Incremental Refresh

2020-03-07T16:53:44+00:00April 20th, 2012|Tableau, Tableau Server|

Sometimes when updating a Tableau extract a full refresh takes too long to run frequently. For example with web click data, the numbers of records can easily be in the billions. To return this volume of records can clog up the Tableau data server for a significant period of time. This negatively affects other user [...]

Excel Populate a Combo Box from a Database

2020-03-07T16:56:03+00:00April 18th, 2012|Excel, VBA|

To populate a combo box on a userform in Excel you need to use VBA. Firstly add a combo box to a userform in the VBA window (Alt-F11) of your spreadsheet. The VBA code below shows how to populate a 2 column combo box. Add this code to the Userform Initialize event to populate the [...]