Tableau Filter the data on display and not the underlying data

2020-04-24T13:50:42+00:00May 16th, 2012|Tableau|

There are often situations where you may want to filter a Tableau dashboard without affecting the totals. For example you want to maintain a rank while also applying a filter. Perhaps you want a running sum, only displaying the numbers from a certain point but maintaining the correct cumulative starting amount. For example perhaps the [...]

Tableau Data Blending With Dates

2020-03-11T14:07:48+00:00May 10th, 2012|Tableau|

Should Tableau data blending on a date field be causing problems you have come to the right place. I had to blend data between an Excel file and a Tableau data extract and it didn’t work. I was blending on two fields: 1. a text field called Metric, with had the same field name in [...]

Info About Extracts on Tableau Server 6

2020-03-05T17:28:53+00:00May 3rd, 2012|Tableau, Tableau Server|

Edit: The below article is very out of date. The introduction of the Tableau Data Server solved this huge problem of inefficient duplicate Tableau data extract updates. Back in 2012 things were quite different… My thoughts back in May 2012 My employer is still using Tableau Server 6.1 – or 6.1.6 to be precise. I’ve [...]