Tableau Cannot use boolean type in IF expression

2018-02-14T14:08:13+00:00November 18th, 2016|Tableau|

The "Cannot use boolean type in IF expression" error in Tableau calculated fields is quite self-explanatory. You're not able to use fields that return true or false (i.e. boolean type) with IF statements in Tableau. However there is a workaround. In many programming languages True or False can be represented as 1 or 0. Tableau [...]

Using Alteryx for Data Quality checks

2018-05-22T19:27:36+00:00November 15th, 2016|Alteryx|

Data Quality is now a rapidly growing area in many Financial Services organisations. There are multiple vendors, such as Informatica and Ab Initio, with software specifically marketed as a data quality tool. Undoubtedly they are both great products, however they are expensive, in all likelihood in the majority organisations would take significant time before they [...]