Stop Hotel Broadband Redirect


This article is off topic from most of the site but this caused me pain so worth writing about. Recently I stayed in a hotel where to access the internet you are redirected to a page which makes you agree to their terms and conditions, more or less standard. It was free internet so no complaints…until I realised it had invaded my Firefox and every time I tried to open a certain page – in this case – I was redirected to the hotel broadband login page even after I checked out of the hotel and was in a completely different city. The culprit redirect site was

I searched high and low on the internet on how to get rid of this unwanted redirect as it was preventing me getting to the BBC homepage. Best and most effective solution was to clear the cache. Options – Options – Advanced – Network –  Cached Web Content – Clear Now.

I’m still curious about where this redirection instruction was stored in my Firefox – and it was only a Firefox issue as IE worked fine – but couldn’t find anything hidden in my Firefox settings.

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