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How do you bring Client Insights to a major European Asset Manager?

The Head of Client Experience at a large asset management organisation was heavily involved in changing the culture from being product focused to becoming client focused. A key to becoming more client-centric is to better understand the clients.

The organisation had a lot of data, both internal and external. They had data from their CRM, Salesforce, data from finance, data from their custodians, data from the product performance team, data from the portfolio management system, data from external fund data providers, data from external market data providers…but it was little used and inconsistently used.

How do you build a Client Insight data capability?

The first task was to interview over 100 different people across all levels within the business to understand what information, in their opinion, would help them better understand their clients. The next step was to prioritise efforts on the data already in possession.

Using Alteryx as an ETL tool to bring together multiple disparate data sources we started to pull together the data to begin answering the business questions. Pulling account permissions from Salesforce we were able to be sure all sharing rules were honoured, users could only see the clients within their scope.

Tableau was chosen as the visualisation tool

Some Tableau dashboards were displayed in Salesforce so the user didn’t have to leave Salesforce to get their client level information. Users could see some Tableau reports hosted within the internal Product portal and users were also able to access information from Tableau directly, both in the form of emailed alerts and proactively going to the Tableau server.

It quickly became possible for users to answer apparently simple questions that previously were time-consuming to know or sometimes unanswerable, such as:

  • What products is my client invested in and what is the performance?
  • Am I over / under-serving my clients based on their AUM, tiering and likely future opportunities?
  • How does my clients product performance compare with comparative products; do I need to defend my assets?
  • When are my clients due to pay their dividends so I expect to lose assets from my money market products?
  • Are my clients invested in badly under-performing products; should I contact the client and defend those assets?
  • Based on what we know about the client, what is their risk profile and does it match with their investments?

Now it’s your turn

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