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How to rapildly create and implement a cost-effective Data Quality solution?

A large global investment bank thought it prudent to invest in a new software to assist a new data quality team. They discussed this at length at a senior level. It was anticipated that it would take at least a year to choose a software vendor, but this didn’t bode well as they needed results immediately.

How do you implement a working Data Quality solution from scratch?

Alteryx was the go-to product from the technical side. An end to end data quality process was designed and a prototype was built. It quickly produced results and migrated from a prototype to a tactical solution The offshore team of the client were trained in how to use Alteryx and spent time working directly with our team to fully understand the end to end process and be able to implement their own quality checks once the project had been delivered.

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Challenges and the road to strategic data quality

The prototype enabled better understanding of the challenges behind implementing data quality, such is its highly bespoke nature, to assist driving the decision about a strategic data quality software vendor.

The end result was simple: rapid implementation of a cost effective solution and a fully trained client team who knew exactly what they were doing.

Now it’s your turn

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