Investment Banking Consultants

Our Tableau and Alteryx consultants are experts in Investment Banking

Investment Banks are ideally suited to Tableau and Alteryx for delivering rapid business insights. Data is now commonly accepted as a key part of the business. Some large global banks are training many thousands of their staff in Tableau and Alteryx, empowering employees to use their data.

Using that data and producing insights at speed is critical within investment banking; Alteryx enables fast business led ETL, the joining of data. Tableau enables rapid development of dashboards to provide key insights into the business. A well-managed Tableau Server can help create a single source of the truth and increase availability to business insights.

We understand the key Investment Banking measures. whether it’s Sales Credit within Sales, PnL, capital and risk numbers within Trading or the tracking of key HR and compliance numbers, we can rapidly deliver. Accuracy of the numbers and speed of delivery are a crucial combination for investment banks.

Whether it’s building tactical low-cost Data Quality applications or replacing your legacy data and reporting systems with Tableau, here at TAR Solutions we deliver excellent value solutions to your data challenges.

At TAR Solutions our data consultants understand Investment Banking.

TAR Solutions is a data consultancy specialising in Investment Banking and the Financial Services industry.  Our consultants are experts in delivering solutions in complex environments.

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