Retail Banking Consultants

We are data consultants specialising in Tableau and Alteryx, delivering sustainable data solutions in Retail Banking

Retail Banks have many products and many customers. This means a lot of data and a lot of opportunity to generate valuable business insights.

Tableau is great to push these data insights back to the business users, enabling more proactive action to be taken. Customer experience can definitely be improved when those customers are better understood.

Using your data to segment your customers can expose opportunities to cross-sell. Using Alteryx you can quickly consolidate data across many different systems, from customer records, to loan systems, credit cards data, current account and saving accounts, mortgage accounts, etc.

Whether it’s looking at loan risk or analysing your mortgage portfolio; identifying opportunities for cross-selling or helping to identify and prevent fraud; data is the key.

TAR Solutions is a data consultancy specialising in Retail Banking and the Financial Services industry. Our consultants are experts in delivering solutions in complex environments.

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