Stuck in a world of Excel and the VLOOKUP?

Are you stuck with a traditional tabular style reporting where you need a magnifying glass to find key information buried a sea of raw numbers? We can replace these tables with visually clean, fresh dashboards that are easy to manipulate and understand. We can come into your organisation and roll out Tableau reports through the target user group, and ensure your reporting migration is a success.

Upgrade your Management Information solution, distribute key business information throughout your organisation at speed with Tableau

We have rolled out reporting solutions across a number of global organisations, getting users interested in the information, helping to create more data driven cultures. Whether you want your users to have their reports available on desktop, laptop or mobile, we have a track record of success with them all.

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We understand it can be challenging to complete large scale roll outs, people are naturally resistant to change. However, this is what we can do:

  • Liaise with your business users to create world class dashboards
  • Roll out reporting solutions through the business
  • Train in-house developers

And this means you have all the information you need at your fingertips, right where you need it, where you need it, at a time convenient to you. Our approach engages users, adds value and rapidly gains adoption. Within no time your people will have forgotten their previous reliance on ugly tables.