Train the right way and you have a team that’s ready to deliver results

You can have the best software in the world, but if you don’t know how to get the best out of it then you’re never going to as much out of it as you’d like. That’s what one large global travel website found. They understood Tableau enough to reach a certain level, but without training they couldn’t get any further. Tableau has a lot to offer, but you need to know how to manipulate it to get the best from it.

Supplying a training programme that’s a best fit for the team

They needed an advanced course, but the standard one with multiple modules were irrelevant to their requirements. They also worked with an energetic team who were located between the UK and the US, which made them simply unavailable for any external classes, so ways of delivering the course had to be rethought.

Following some conversation, we created a course that was specifically tailored to their needs. A custom-made programme of learning which was delivered over a number of half day sessions. This fitted in with the team’s international timetable, and culminated in a happier, more knowledgeable mindset, with the training to manipulate Tableau to best effect.

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Now it’s your turn

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