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How do you successfully roll out a Tableau reporting solution across the challenging environment of an investment bank Front Office?

What does an MI team do when they want to replace Business Objects or other legacy reporting systems with Tableau, when after the space of a whole year, still don’t really know how to get good use out of it? This was the challenge faced by […] Read More >

How to create and implement a cost effective Data Quality solution in quick time?

A large global investment bank thought it prudent to invest in a new software to assist a new data quality team. They discussed this at length at a senior level. It was anticipated that it would take at least a year to choose a software vendor, […] Read More >

Give your clients a better Client Experience by giving your team better Client Insights

What does an Asset Manager do when they want their workforce to better understand their clients to be able to give a better client experience? […] Read More >