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We’re top tier Tableau and Alteryx consultants specialising in financial services.
Let’s help you clean up, organise, and make sense of your data so you can wield it to your advantage.

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Focus on What’s Important

Automate tedious, time-consuming tasks and free up more time to do deep work. No more spreadsheets, word documents, and number-crunching.

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Get the answers you need

Whether you’re managing risks, optimising returns, or enhancing the customer experience, we’ll help you unlock the data to do it better.

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Look ahead with confidence

Educated guesses can only take you so far. Back up every business decision you make with complete, accurate, timely data you can rely on.

Get Value From Your Tableau Investment

Tableau Adoption Booster

Struggling to get traction with your Tableau dashboards? We work with your Tableau development team, we will engage directly with your target audience, we will analyse the current dashboards and make recommendations to boost the usage of your dashboards. All this, in only 2 weeks!

Try Tableau Free!

Heard about how great Tableau is? That it’s the best fastest product on the market to get from data to insights? Give it a try yourself, completely free of charge! Download a free trial of version of Tableau.

“TAR Solutions know Tableau and Alteryx inside out

They listened to and worked closely with our end users throughout the process, provided regular status reports, and delivered quickly. The dashboard they built was considered critical by our salespeople…which speaks to their success.”

BNP Paribas Global Markets

Who We Work With

Asset managers

Find out which teams generate alpha while managing risk, and better understand your clients to deliver service that exceeds expectations.

Investment banks

Get total visibility into your risk positions, learn which desks are making consistent profits, and manage staff conduct risk more effectively.

Wealth managers & private banks

Broaden your understanding of your clients’ needs, empower your salespeople, and deliver an exceptional experience that gives you the edge.

Retail banks

Delight your customers with smoother, more personalised service, all while keeping fraud risk, credit risk, and other risks under control.


Get your hands on business-critical data, whenever you need it.