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Take These Tableau Training Courses and Learn Tableau!

We have partnered with some Tableau training providers, who all offer online Tableau training. There are courses for all different skill levels, some that are very targeted and take a few hours, to highly in-depth courses lasting a few months.

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Tableau Courses for Beginners & Intermediate

All of the courses below are 100% online and are to study at your own pace.

Course Title
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Data Visualization with Tableau

University of California, Davis

6 months @ 3 hours/week

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Data Visualization and Communication with Tableau


25 hours

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Tableau Certified Associate/Specialist Desktop Certification

Phillip Burton

13 hours

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Tableau 2020 Certified Associate Exam Guide A-Z (w Datasets)

Kirill Eremenko, Ligency Team

38 hours

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Advanced calculations with Tableau

Dan We

2.5 hours

Advanced Courses For Data Professionals

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Python Programming – Basics, Multithreading, OOP and NumPy

Holczer Balazs

10.5 hours

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Integrating Python, SQL, and Tableau

365 Careers

5 hours

Make Your Data A Strategic Asset

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