Tar Solutions — A top quality deliverer

Our strong record of success is what drives us on, we’re always striving for the next big job. Once we start something, we like to stick it out until we’re finished throughout the project lifecycle, from the planning to the implementation of those hard worked for plans, so you have a first class, top quality delivery.

Our solutions are bespoke.
We offer unique optimal solutions for each client.


We’re a small company, which has advantages

  • You get a personable, bespoke service with an emphasis on customer service and high quality delivery

  • We’re affordable, we provide tier one quality with outstanding value for money.

  • And that means you get far more for less with the added bonus of a friendly, professional personable team who are on your side from the beginning to the end.

Why work with us?

WE ARE A SMALL CONSULTING COMPANY with big ideas and strong on experience and knowledge. Our people are tier one and so are our clients in their industries, and our services reflect that.

DELIVERY IS WHAT WE DO, big or small projects, a day of training or large scale long term global MI implementations. The quality of our output is what drives our reputation.

WE CAN WORK IN ANY INDUSTRY, we have a lot of experience in financial services and high tech, but our skills can be utilised in any industry within organisations of any size. Our clients range from small ten people companies to multi-billion pound international organisations.