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We are a Tableau Partner, here to support you in your Tableau journey. We can help you:

  • Open the communication channels between the business and IT data providers
  • Structure your Tableau team to have a lean and agile development team, focused on providing rapid and useful insights to the business
  • Design your Tableau Server to support complex permissions models in a sustainable manner
  • Increase user adoption of Tableau; ensure the software provides useful information to users

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Why Choose Tableau?

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Automate information distribution

No need to manually distribute spreadsheets. Put critical business information on the Tableau Server, allowing access from any device from any location via a web browser.

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Increase Efficiency and Save Money

With a good implementation, your BI team can be very lean while also serving the rapidly changing needs of the business.

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Let the business focus on their Roles

Aim to have 90% of standard business questions answered in standard dashboards. Allow the business to focus on their roles, not trying to get answers.

“Using Tableau accelerated the migration from a legacy system to fully automated MI

We hired them to replace our legacy Business Objects MI. They knew what they were doing from the beginning. They helped us recruit a highly effective Tableau development team, trained that team, developed the operating structure, and facilitated great communication between the business, IT and the Tableau developers. Outstanding job.”

Chief Data Office, global Investment Bank

Bring your data to life with Tableau

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Tableau Prep

Use Tableau Prep to blend, enhance and organise your data before turning into information

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Tableau Desktop

Build informative visualisations using Tableau Desktop, providing key insights to the business

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Tableau Server

Automate and distribute key business insights securely using Tableau Server

Yes, we have expertise in Financial Services, but our new base in the North East gives you access to top tier Tableau consultants for industries based in that area.

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