How to roll out Tableau across the Front Office of an investment bank


Successfully make use of Tableau in the Front Office

Our client, an investment bank with offices all over the globe, were stuck using a legacy Business Objects system for their Front Office MI.

They introduced Tableau but didn’t know how to get value from it.

After a year of software costs and consulting spend, they had made little progress. One hand was enough count the numbers of users they had after 12 months.

They engaged us to turn things around and see some return on their investment.

people reviewing a dashboard on a tablet
Put information at people fingertips

How did we make Tableau a success?

Firstly, we identified a data-driven business line and engaged with those people. We physically sat in the Front Office and listened to what those users wanted.

We found key business sponsors who were able to tell us what they wanted and were willing to give their time to review initial drafts.

This enabled rapid production of information useful to business users.

Once the information was pushed out across the pilot business line, there was an immediate uptake in usage.

Next came a request from senior management to roll out our development technique across other business lines.

The Tableau development team are put in place

So, a Tableau development team was put in place, report standards were created with branding and a number of informative dashboards were rolled out quickly and efficiently across business lines.

‘Need to know’ is an important concept within financial services data

Data security is a priority within banks, we developed an efficient way to implement permissions into all reports addressing any regulatory and ‘need to know’ concerns.

And the figures clearly back up the results

On handing over the development team to the internal business, the number of unique users of the reports had increased from low single digits to over 600 per week, spanning 6 continents and over 25 countries.

Do you want to replace your legacy reporting system?

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