Starting out with Alteryx


With all of the buzz around Alteryx I am trying learn it in my spare time.

My initial thoughts on Alteryx are that it should make combining multiple disparate data sources quick and easy.

At least far quicker and easier than building out a SQL database, which is my current “go to” solution.

It’ll be interesting to see if this actually works in practice.

In the real world some of the data sets can contain some nasty data to clean up.

At first glance it appears that some knowledge of databases is useful.

Alteryx has many tools representing standard database query functionality: Filter, Join, Sort, Group By (Summarise), etc.

Also predictive analytics looks far simpler. I currently have a very basic knowledge of R and am hoping Alteryx will mean I don’t need to learn more R. Hopefully I can use Alteryx instead.

To begin I downloaded Alteryx Project Edition

Once installed, when Alteryx opens a screen pops-up containing some basic tutorials.

Run through these to get a basic understanding.

the Alteryx splash screen

Next, I plan to track down some real world cases to give Alteryx a proper go.

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