This article will show two different ways to add All to a parameter in Tableau.

The starting point for both of these “all to parameter” techniques is the same. Create a parameter that includes an All value. We will use this same parameter in both examples below.

The examples are using the Sample – Superstore data set that Tableau provides. We’re building a parameter filter on the Segment field.

tableau parameter including an all value

All to a Tableau parameter using a Filter formula

Our parameter is filtering the Segment field. Therefore put the [Segment] field on the filters shelf.

Edit the [Segment] filter; select Condition and By formula.

Enter the following formula:

IFNULL([Segment],"1")=IF [SegmentParameter]!="All" THEN [SegmentParameter] ELSE IFNULL([Segment],"1") END

use a formula condition in tableau filter

That’s it, you have included an All in your Tableau parameter.

All in a parameter using a calculated field

Another option is to use a calculated field instead of a filter formula.

First, create the calculated field.

[FilterParameterAll]: [SegmentParameter] = 'All' OR [SegmentParameter] = [Segment]

Next add the calculated field to the Filters shelf and set to True.

use a calculated field to add all to a tableau parameter

Now the All is now fully operational in the parameter!

Both of these examples are on Tableau Public for you to download. Plus it is embedded below.