Tableau tabcmd error code 16


Do you get the tabcmd error code 16, Invalid username or password? Unsure what is causing this, as you’re entering the correct username and password in your tabcmd login script?

A cause of this error is having a special character in the password.

Fix Tabcmd Error Code 16

To resolve this error, use an escape character. An escape character tells Tableau to interpret the character differently then it does by default.

For example, Tableau interprets %1 as a parameter.

In the command line tabcmd script, represent %1 as %%1. Note the additional %. The preceding % acts as an escape character.

Another special character Tableau can’t interpret is # (the hash symbol¬†or pound sign for any Americans).

I was unable to find an escape character for the hash symbol.

Therefore, to overcome this character without an escape character, I had to change the password. Removing the # from the password was the only way to make tabcmd work.

If anyone knows better ways around this than changing the password please write in the comments.

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