Do you want to track the spread of coronavirus in the UK? Or check if the curve of new coronavirus cases in the UK is flattening? The below dashboard, based on UK govt data, enables monitoring of coronavirus trends in the UK.

***As of 14 Apr the UK Office for National Statistics has altered the way they provide the data. As I type I am unable to find any raw data.

***Update 16 Apr. The new official UK govt coronavirus site states: “Daily case counts are…currently only available for England…Data for the rest of the UK will be included as soon as possible”. There is a dashboard showing coronavirus cases in England for all English Local Authorities.

***Update 8 May. Data on coronavirus deaths is available UK wide, therefore I have a dashboard on that below. Dashboards on cases at the UK level will remain out of date until data becomes available.***

Check the other dashboard showing coronavirus cases in England to see the case counts using the officially available data. The post on coronavirus cases also includes the 7 day rolling average of coronavirus split by English regions.

The remainder of this post is based on the pre-14 April data.

This was first built in mid-March. Since then the available data has changed and expanded. Consequently the dashboard content is also evolving.

Therefore the current iteration differs from the original. The original included a breakdown of coronavirus cases in the regions of England. As more local data also came available it was possible to create a dashboard to .

The Coronavirus in the UK dashboard

The current version of the dashboard is to give a high-level view of the UK. There are 4 main dashboard sections.

  1. The coronavirus summary tables and important dates

Summary of UK Coronavirus Cases and Deaths

The data validity and the last update date of the dashboard is here.

Also there is a table giving an overview of cases and deaths for the entire UK. It also includes a breakdown of coronavirus cases for each of the constituent countries of the UK.

This country breakdown serves another purpose. Click on a country name (or CTRL-click for multi-select) to filter the below charts for that country.

  1. Cumulative Coronavirus Cases and Deaths

For the chosen country it shows the trends of new cases and deaths. The default view shows the entire UK.

Graph of total coronavirus cases and deaths in the UK

  1. Daily New Coronavirus Cases

For the chosen country it shows the daily new cases. The default view shows new cases for all of the UK.

Daily new cases of coronavirus in the UK

  1. New Cases Trend – monitoring the coronavirus curve

This is a 7-day rolling average of daily new cases. Taking a rolling average smooths out any daily data issues giving a smoother view into the trend. For example one day almost no data was provided by Wales and the following day there was an exceptionally high number of cases. The rolling average somewhat removes that type of data issue.

The UK and all of the member countries are on this chart. Filtering for a member country using the table in (1) also applies to here. Therefore it’s simple to see the curve only for Scotland, for example, rather than skewing the axis with the inclusion of the UK.

The curve of coronavirus cases in the UK

This was built in Tableau. This enables the same dashboard to scale for a mobile device and desktop.

Updating the Coronavirus Data

The data appears to be released between 1800 and 1900 UK time each day. In addition updating is a manual process. Therefore I can’t promise the dashboard will update every day.