Tableau Server offers a lot of functionality using the URL including filtering and exporting. I wrote about filtering a Tableau dashboard using the URL in a previous post.

This post is about another very useful option using the URL: exporting the Tableau dashboard to PDF.

Exporting to PDF is as simple as appending .pdf to the end of the URL. Assuming your URL is something like my.tableau.server/views/workbook/view; simply appending .pdf will download it to pdf.


The default export settings apply when using the URL to download the Tableau workbook to pdf. Alter the default export in Tableau Desktop prior to publishing using the Page Setup option. For example the Tableau dashboard can be setup to export to a fixed number of pages.

Combining filtering and exporting is also possible. For example to download the fictional pdf for one value add a parameter to the end of the URL. This would export the pdf only for the Furniture Category:


This is particularly useful when embedding Tableau within other applications, for example an Export button calling the URL can be incorporated into the application to export the dashboard to a pdf for the required scope.