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Use a Tableau URL action to link Tableau to SSRS, enabling users to click through from Tableau to SSRS. Passing parameters into the URL even allows the SSRS to filter with the same settings as the Tableau dashboard.

Create a button to link tableau to ssrs

To begin, create a dashboard and put whatever graphs, etc, you want on it.

Next, create a “button” for the dashboard. The URL Action will trigger from the “button” and take us to the SSRS report.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any button controls in Tableau, therefore, we will create a new worksheet to act as our “button”.

Create a calculated field to use as the hyperlink. This calculated field, called Hyperlink, is the simply the text ‘Click here to open SSRS’.

Enter text in a Tableau calculated field for hyperlink directions

In a new worksheet put this Hyperlink field into the Text area.

Drop hyperlink calculated field on text shelf

Add this new “button” worksheet to your dashboard.

Then get the URL of your SSRS report.

Use a URL action to drill from Tableau to SSRS

Finally, create a URL action (Dashboard – Actions – Add Actions – URL).

Choose ‘Select’ where it says ‘Run action on:’.

Select is the same as ‘on click’.

Next, paste the SSRS URL into the URL space.

Make sure the only selected worksheet is the new “button” worksheet. We only want the “button” worksheet to take us to the SSRS report.

Create a Tableau URL action for the hyperlink

Click OK the URL action is complete.  When you click the hyperlink text on your dashboard it will open up your SSRS report.

To finish format the text to make it look like a hyperlink; underline the text and colour it blue.

You can get even more sophisticated and pass URL parameters into your SSRS report.

Therefore, when you click the hyperlink, it takes you to the same data as selected in the Tableau dashboard.

This isn’t complicated, however, you will need a calculated field to construct the correct SSRS URL including parameters.

The MS website contains a brief guide on structuring the URLs to auto-filter the SSRS.

2 thoughts on “Link Tableau to SSRS”

  1. Hi, how the user credential works when going from tableau to ssrs url/report? Lets say users is outside of network and using a public site and have tableau license/permissions. Will it ask to enter credentials for ssrs after clicking the url?

    • I think this all depends on your specific network settings. If you can access the SSRS outside the network if typing the URL without entering credentials then you won’t need to enter the credentials if clicking through from Tableau.


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