Starting out with R in Alteryx


One of the great things that makes Alteryx so useful is the integration with R.

This makes advanced statistical analysis possible for those without the ability to code in R.

As part of my Alteryx training series the R integration is important to understand.

If you are new to Alteryx and would like to try out using the R integration the first thing to do is install the R predictive tools.

Go to Help – About to find which version of Alteryx you’re using and, subsequently, which of the R installers to install.

When starting out using Alteryx and the R functionality I suggest using the built in Alteryx R demo projects.

In File – Open Sample – Predictive Analytics the team at Alteryx have provided a number of R examples.

These use many of the R predictive analytics components.

Work through those, get a basic understanding and then you can call yourself a data scientist 🙂

Alteryx Predictive Analytics Samples

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