I’ve had some questions recently about hiding Nulls in a filter in Tableau. This is quite straightforward and the same technique can be used to hide any value from a filter.

NOTE – if using this technique it actually removed what you’ve hidden from the filter from the worksheet.

All you need to do is duplicate the field being used as the filter, put the duplicate field on to the filter shelf, select the values you want to hide – i.e. Null – and click exclude on the right of the filter box.

To finish ensure the field being used as the filter – not the duplicate which won’t be visible to report users – is set to ‘Show Fewer Values’. This is set in the quick filter options. Click on the bars at the top right of any quick filter to ‘Show Fewer Values’ for that quick filter.

Show Fewer Values in Tableau

To remove the All from a quickfilter a far simpler technique is used as this is a built in option with quickfilters.