How to Create an Empty Column Name in Tableau


Quick tip on how to create a blank field name in Tableau. Create a calculated field to be the blank column and save it as normal – i.e. with a name!

Tableau calculated field called "blank string"
This calculated field returns a zero length string

Renaming the calculated field with a blank causes an “empty name is not allowed” error in Tableau. Naming with a space character doesn’t work, it returns the same error.

Tableau calculated field with an empty name not allowed error

The solution is to use a zero width space character as the name. Tableau recognises this as a character, not an empty name.

To get a blank character, go to, and search for “zero width space“.

zero width space characters in amp-what

Click the box to copy the value, then return to Tableau.

copied zero width space character
Click the blue box to copy the character

Rename the blank field, replacing the name by pasting the blank character.

Tableau calculated field with an empty name
The top field has an empty name

And that’s it! Credit to Andy Kriebel for sharing that tip.

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