Tableau Permission Denied While Globbing File Pattern


Using the Google Cloud Platform with Tableau, and getting the error, “Permission denied while globbing file pattern”?

To create this error, put a file into Google Drive.

a csv file in google drive

Note it must be a csv, avro, json or a google sheet file type for the connection to BigQuery.

Then, in BigQuery, create a table to connect to the file in Google Drive.

image showing how to create table in bigquery
Click the 3 dots, then Create Table

In BigQuery, Create Table, then Create table from Drive.

how to create a bigquery table from google drive
This connects to the Google Drive file, and it appears the data now sits in BigQuery. However, it doesn’t physically import data into BigQuery

It creates a window from BigQuery to Google Drive. The physical data only resides within Google Drive; it doesn’t enter BigQuery. You can query the data in BigQuery, and create a view from these tables – but not a materialised view.

If intending to use the data only in BigQuery, it’s a really efficient way to store data. But, in this case, we want to use the data in Tableau.

In Tableau, connect to BigQuery and the table pointing to Google Drive. It will connect and will display the metadata. However, try and use the data, either by creating an extract or dropping a field on a worksheet, and see the Globbing error.

Permission denied while globbing file pattern error in Tableau
Permission denied while globbing file pattern

To resolve this, the physical data has to reside within BigQuery.

A simple SQL query pulls the data from the Google Drive table into a BigQuery physical table. For example:

CREATE OR REPLACE TABLE ‘’ AS SELECT * FROM ‘data-set-name.physical-table-name’;

create table statement in bigquery
This SQL statement in BigQuery creates a physical table

Connect Tableau to the physical table, or any view that uses the physical table (but not the google drive table!), and the Globbing error will be gone!

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