It is simple to send an email from a Tableau dashboard using a dashboard Action and Mailto.

To send an email of a dashboard use Tableau Server Subscriptions. Tableau Subscriptions send an image of the entire dashboard, which also acts as a link to the dashboard. It’s possible to add custom text to Tableau subscription emails, set a time for when to send and to also not send if the dashboard is empty.

This article is about sending an email from a Tableau dashboard. For example you may have a table showing a list of users with a list of their tasks. Perhaps informing the user is a manual decision, meaning an automated subscription won’t work. Instead the table could be set up to allow someone, perhaps a supervisor, to be able to choose which users receives an email. If they think the individual should receive an email they can click the name and the email will send.

Using a Tableau dashboard URL action it’s simple to send an email (assuming you’re using a client such as Outlook) directly from a Tableau workbook or the Tableau server. Set up the Tableau URL Action on Menu. This means the user is making a conscious decision to send the email.

In the URL field enter:

mailto:[Email Address]?subject=Your Email Subject&body=Your message text

Mailto Tableau URL action

The Email Address, Subject and Body can all come from fields in your Tableau data source. Any value in square brackets are data source fields. This makes your email text fully customisable.

Wikipedia has more detail on the syntax of mailto