If you have created tables in Tableau you might have noticed once you get to a six dimension columns  in the table the left hand columns begin to merge into one column. This only happens when using dimensions as column headers, not measures as when displaying multiple measures in a table this can be achieved by putting only 1 pill, the Measure Names, on the shelf. If you want to know how to add measures read my article describing how to display multiple measures in a table.

Tableau is not really designed for showing tabular data but sometimes it’s useful to show line item data as part of a drill down in a table, or perhaps you need to create a report specifically with the purpose of exporting Tableau to Excel.

In Tableau if putting dimensions as columns in a table you are limited to 6 distinct dimension pills before they start to merge. There is a little trick available to put one more column, the 7th column, into the table.

1. Drag the pill into the Text shelf. In this example I’ve used a Dimension called ‘Ship Mode’

2. Drag the ‘Measure Names’ pill from the Dimension section into the Columns Shelf. In the column headings you’ll notice this column now has the heading No Measure Values.

3. Click the arrow on the Measure Names pill and select Edit Aliases

4. Find the Member ‘No Measure Value’ and set the Value (Alias) to be the name you want for that Dimension

5. That’s it, you now have 7 dimension columns in your table!