Displaying measures in a table in Tableau is something that should be straightforward but for some reason I always struggle with it hence I’m writing this blog post. In the Tableau screen at the bottom of the Dimensions section there’s a field called Measure Names and in the Measures section there’s a field called Measure Values. These are the 2 fields that make life easier when displaying data in a table.

Step 1 is to make sure the Marks value is set to Text so you can see the Text area. Drag the Measure Values pill into the Text area. This will then open a small section called Measure Values where it’s possible to drag, drop and re-order the pills that are displayed. Next step is to drag the Measure Names pill into the Columns section which gives a title to all of the measure values.

Now your table is built. You can also drag things into the Rows area if you want this table segmented – for example a time period to show the measure values over time.

To display dimensions in a table read my article about how to display multiple measures in a table.