Ever want to use Measure Names as a filter in Tableau? You want to offer the user a limited selection of measures to choose in a filter and find it frustrating all measures appear in the list?

There is a way around this:

  • Set up the chart / table using the Measure Names / Measure Values construct. Measure Names should be on the filter shelf.
  • In the Measure Names filter select all of the measures you want available to the user.
  • Hide all measures not being used either in bulk and / or one by one (right click on the measure name and Hide).

A limitation of this technique is you will probably have to duplicate the data source. Generally in the real world other measures will have to be used in other dashboard components. Duplicating the data source does solve that.

Another way to enable the user to choose which measure to display in Tableau is to use a parameter. However that has the limitation of single selection.

Click through for the interactive report: