The Tableau error “Tableau Data Engine Error: 40583: error measuring utf8 to utf16” can be caused by creating a TDE in Alteryx.

I have seen this error when using the Alteryx Output tool to output a Tableau Data Extract file (TDE) based on CSV files (and possibly other file types). There are a couple of options I know to resolve this error.

Solution 1. In Alteryx change the field type to a V_WString. An Alteryx Select tool can be used to change the field type. When the TDE is regenerated the characters are represented with the appropriate accents in Tableau.

Solution 2. In Alteryx Input data tool change the encoding to Unicode UTF-8. This will remove the error in Tableau when the TDE is regenerated, however the characters aren’t correctly represented in Tableau. The accent character are reflected as strange black diamond shape with a white question mark in the middle, like this:

Therefore Solution 1 of V_WString is the better way to resolve this Tableau error.