Tableau error measuring utf8 to utf16


The Tableau error “Tableau Data Engine Error: 40583: error measuring utf8 to utf16” can be caused when creating a TDE in Alteryx.

Alteryx and the Tableau error measuring utf8 to utf16

I have seen this error when using the Alteryx Output tool to output a Tableau Data Extract file (TDE) based on CSV files (and possibly other file types).

There are a couple of options I know to resolve this error.

Resolving the error measuring UTF8 to UTF16

Solution 1

In Alteryx change the field type to a V_WString.

An Alteryx Select tool can be used to change the field type.

When the TDE is regenerated the characters are represented with the appropriate accents in Tableau.

Solution 2

In the Alteryx Input data tool change the encoding to Unicode UTF-8.

This will remove the error in Tableau when the TDE is regenerated, however, the characters aren’t correctly represented in Tableau.

The accent characters are reflected as a black diamond shape with a white question mark in the middle, like this:

the question mark character in a grey diamond Tableau uses for special characters like accents
Tableau uses this question mark in a diamond when it doesn’t recognise the character

Therefore Solution 1 of V_WString is the better way to resolve this Tableau error.

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