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Tableau Cannot use boolean type in IF expression

The "Cannot use boolean type in IF expression" error in Tableau calculated fields is quite self-explanatory. You're not able to use fields that return true or false (i.e. boolean type) with IF statements in Tableau. However there is a workaround. In many programming languages True or [...]

Using Alteryx for Data Quality checks

Data Quality is now a rapidly growing area in many Financial Services organisations. There are multiple vendors, such as Informatica and Ab Initio, with software specifically marketed as a data quality tool. Undoubtedly they are both great products, however they are expensive, in all likelihood in [...]

Simple way to add All to a parameter in Tableau

Back in 2012, I wrote a post describing an overly complex way to add ‘All’ to a parameter in Tableau. It is surprisingly simple to add All to a parameter if using the parameter to select a value from a dimension. First create a patameter and [...]

Move or Copy files in Alteryx

In previous posts I’ve written about how to use the Run Command tool in Alteryx to publish a tableau extract to tableau server and how to unzip a file in Alteryx. Another great use for the Alteryx Run Command tool is to move and copy files. [...]

Tableau tabcmd error code 16

If you come across the tabcmd error code 16, Invalid username or password, it's likely the error is caused by a special character in the password. For example %1 is interpreted by Tableau as a parameter. In the command line it should be converted to %%1, [...]

Unzip a file in Alteryx

I question often seen on the Alteryx forums is how to unzip a file in Alteryx. In an earlier post I covered how to use the Alteryx Run Command tool to publish a Tableau Data Extract to the Tableau Server in an Alteryx workflow using TabCmd. [...]

Publish to Tableau Server from Alteryx using Run Command

One of the things I often read about on the Alteryx forums is people asking how to publish to Tableau Server from Alteryx. Previously I wrote a post about publishing to Tableau Server from Alteryx using the Events functionality. A downside of this is the timing [...]

Install Alteryx non admin version

Installing the Alteryx non admin version was a slight challenge as I couldn't find the right link simply from the Alteryx home page. Therefore here is a link taking you to the page containing the latest admin and non admin versions of Alteryx: http://downloads.alteryx.com/downloads.html

Using Tableau SIZE to display nothing

This post is about the Tableau Size function being used to control whether data is displayed based on user filter selections. This was inspired by a post on the Tableau Forum asking how to display nothing on a dashboard until the lowest level of detail is [...]

Publish Tableau Data Extract directly from Alteryx

For those Alteryx and Tableau Server users the ability to publish Tableau Data Extract (tde) files directly from Alteryx to the Tableau Server is a huge benefit for report automation. There are a number of good posts already published advising how this should be done, such [...]