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Using the Placeholder for advanced Tableau tables

Creating tables in Tableau with Excel style conditional formatting is a common ask of Tableau developers. Sometimes this can be technically difficult, with Tableau placeholders often being the only solution. I understand many visualisation purists don’t like tables but sometimes it is the best way to [...]

Fix the number of pages to export pdf from Tableau

Sometimes download / export to pdf is a requirement of your Tableau dashboard. Whether it's using the Tableau Server download button or downloading the pdf from Tableau Server using the URL the appearance is important. Components should fit cleanly on their page. For example splitting a [...]

Tableau Developers – where should they sit within an organisation?

Often large organisations struggle with where Tableau developers should sit within the organisation. This could also apply to any other reporting software, the likes of Power BI, Qlik, etc. As some technology is involved (i.e. Tableau) there is often a strong argument to lump it in [...]